COMPASS® Calculator Guidelines

Students may not use the following types of devices on the Compass Math test:

  • Pocket organizers
  • Handheld or laptop computers
  • Electronic writing pads or pen-input devices (with the exception of the Sharp EL 9600, which is allowed)
  • Calculators with typewriter (QWERTY) keys (Calculators with letters on the keys are permitted, as long as the keys are not arranged in a QWERTY format.)
  • Any model with Computer Algebra Systems (These are calculators with the capacity to simplify algebraic expressions, factor, or multiply polynomials. Disallowed models in this category include Casio’s ClassPad 300, Algebra fx 2.0, and any other Casio calculators with model numbers beginning with CFX-9970G. Other banned calculators include any Texas Instruments model that begins with TI-89 or TI-92. Hewlett Packard’s hp 48GII and all of its other models that begin with hp 40G or hp 49G are also not allowed.)

Students may use other types of machines as long as they comply with the following specifications:

  • Any model with paper tape must have the paper removed.
  • Any model that makes noise must have the sound turned off.
  • Any model with a power cord must have the electrical cord removed.
  • Any model that can transfer data wirelessly to other machines must be disabled by placing an opaque material like masking tape over the infrared data port.

The above list is subject to change. In order to get the most up-to-date list of prohibited calculators and other devices, call 800-498-6481.
Students must bring their own calculators to the test. Proctors will not provide calculators to students, and students will not be allowed to share their calculators during the test.

Students need to make sure that any calculator they bring to the test is in working order (i.e. batteries are working and new enough to last throughout the test). Students may bring extra batteries and a spare calculator with them to the test.